Skydiving, Laser Tag & some yummy pizza for as low as ₹2,500/- per person

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Indoor Skydiving

Enjoy the excitement of soaring like a bird, totally in control, an experience like you have never had before.

How it feels
  • The thrill of flying high, and of simulated free fall
  • No plane, no parachute – just you riding the air, totally in control
  • The more you fly, the more you enjoy – and learn
  • Suitable for thrill seekers of various ages and physical abilities
  • Friends and family can watch you, cheer you on, share in the fun
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How it works
  • A wind tunnel creates a smooth column of air that you ride on
  • Turbulence-free, consistent experience, unaffected by external weather conditions
  • A highly controlled, unvarying environment
Its world-class, high-precision technology
  • Commercial wind tunnels have been in operation for over 15 years Worldwide
  • Continuously improving technology offers safety, comfort, and accessibility
  • Optimal air flow quality
  • Robust European engineering technology
  • Indigenous cooling and noise insulation solution developed by GravityZip
  • Safe Landing system, dynamic lighting and base door for advanced flyers
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All this and more, in the first indoor skydiving wind tunnel in India, a state-of-the-art facility created by GravityZip.