Skydiving, Laser Tag & some yummy pizza for as low as ₹2,500/- per person

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Grounded fun

Success is grounded
in hard work. But so is FUN.

Unplug from work & power up with our Grounded
Fun package! 1399/-*

Enjoy indoor skydiving + Laser Tag (or) Bowling.
Unlimited Pizza & Pasta + Mocktails.

If you have any questions, please check our FAQs page and, if you can't find the answer there, feel free to mail us at or call us at +91 806925 2408 [10:00AM to 7:00PM]

Off-peak: Weekdays (Monday to Friday) or Non-holidays are considered as Off-peak.
Peak: Weekend (Saturday, Sunday) & Public Holidays are considered as Peak.

We offer 10% discount on bowling & lasertag with purchase of any skydiving package. Please purchase skydiving online to secure your slot and avail the discount on bowling & lasertag at the center based on availability of lanes & arena.


By yourself or in a group? Come unwind with a game of bowling in our ... eclectically designed alley.Enjoy yummy food (various cuisines) and beverages (alcohol as well) as accompaniments as you strike the pins. Bowling lane is available per game or purchase by the hour.

  • Off-Peak: ₹350
  • Peak: ₹390


1. Game of bowling is standardized and typically entitles 20 attempts

2. Bowling shoes are included in package, however we allow players to go bare-foot by choice

Terms & Conditions*:

1. Lane is subject to availability and may involve some waiting at times based on pace of game

2. In the event of a mechanical or electrical issue, game will be reset to the last auto-saved point and re-start from that point


  • Players: Up to 10
  • Game Duration: 15 minutes

Feeling energetic or looking for a fun way to burn some calories? ...Come enjoy a game of laser-tag with your friends or companions in one of India’s largest indoor laser-tag arena. Strategize with your team, find a hiding spot or chase the opponents through a maze of aesthetically designed arena that activates all your senses.

  • Off-Peak: ₹350
  • Peak: ₹390


1. Game is 15 minutes in duration

2. Laser-tag equipment (vests and taggers) are provided

3. Instructions about the equipment and the arena are articulated prior to the start of the game

Terms & Conditions*:

1. We reserve the right to stop the game at our discretion if any of the players behavior can cause injuries to others or self

2. Running in the arena is strictly prohibited

3. Any damage to the equipment will be re-imbursed by the player