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About GravityZip

Have you ever dreamed of flying high? Have you watched a bird in the sky, and wished it could be you up there – soaring, wheeling and gliding, riding the wind?

Now, you can!

GravityZip Sports Pvt Ltd was started by Ramana Meda & Sushil Meda in 2018 and headquartered in Hyderabad . Having personally experienced the thrill of Indoor Skydiving, the duo decided to make this an affordable activity for the Indian diaspora by setting up the First Indoor Skydiving Arena in their home town, the beautiful city of Hyderabad.

Immense amount of effort and expertise was needed to overcome the various obstacles in setting up a wind tunnel in India and making it fully operational. Team GravityZip comprises of a group of competent Structural Engineers, expert Civil & Electrical engineers, sports enthusiasts, Certified Tunnel Instructors, highly proficient technology team, creative design team and most importantly prudent & trusting investors.

GravityZip is committed to providing a reliable & controlled indoor skydiving experience in a safe environment with multiple levels of protocols and contingencies built in. We envision building & operating wind tunnels across multiple cities in India over the next few years by building on the current innovative solution, integrating with indigenous components and software.


GravityZip offers an unforgettable experience like no other – INDOOR SKYDIVING.

Join us to enjoy the feeling of defying gravity, being unfettered and free, in a completely safe environment.