Skydiving, Laser Tag & some yummy pizza for as low as ₹2,500/- per person

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Experience out-of-bounds thrill, indoors.

We'll understand if you're not an adrenaline junkie, but you will walk out of our state-of-the-art indoor skydiving facility as a serial thrill-seeker. With expert guidance, a safety-equipped wind tunnel & a controlled free-fall environment, we create the heart-pounding experience of diving 10,000 feet from the sky, indoors.

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Gear up for a laser duel.

Dash, zap & tag your rivals. Come as a squad and discover a frenemy in each one of your buds. Feel the rush of dodging laser shots, test your reflexes and agility as you duck your way through the laser beams. Play with four players or more, or maybe even challenge a friend in one-to-one combat. Gear up to see who will be the last standing!

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Striking for fun is right up our alley!

Your mission: Leave no pins standing! You could have three strikes in a row and still not be out. That's how we roll in our bowling alley. Roll over for victory or simply for fun, we will make sure you strike for loads of good times. Enjoy butter smooth bowling action with modern bowling alleys, advanced bowling alley equipment, and top-notch staff that is happy to spare no effort to make your day better.

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Serving something eye-opening delicious all day.

Looking for a cozy spot with the freshest English breakfast that will leave you smacking your lips and keep you coming back for more? Qi'p an eye out for QiQi. An eatery with all-day breakfast options ranging from pancakes to waffles, omelettes to coffee & everything a hearty breakfast should have.

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A piece of Greece with good times on the menu.

With drinks served as your tickets & an ambiance as your transport, prepare to have your senses taken to ancient mythic lands of the Mediterranean. Soak in the Greek charm of Theia, where a line up of tippling drinks and culinary adventures awaits you. Your Mediterranean escape begins here.

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