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Weekdays (Monday to Friday) or Non-holidays are considered as Off-peak.

Weekend (Saturday, Sunday) & Public Holidays are considered as Peak.

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For additional details, mail us at or call us on 080 6925 2408

Who can fly?

Anyone in relatively good health can enjoy indoor skydiving. Please check the criteria below before you book your flight:

You can fly if you:
  1. Are between 6-95 years old.
  2. Weigh less than 110 kg.
  3. Are not pregnant.
  4. Do not have a hard cast or fixed prosthetic.
  5. Do not have a history of neck, back or heart conditions. (You will need to check with your doctor and sign a waiver before flying.)
  6. Are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Note: Children under 18 years need a waiver signed by parents/supervising adult.

What to expect when you arrive at GravityZip.
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